We arrived Tatai bridge and took a short break at Srei Mao Tatai restaurant for some snacks and pack foods as we planned to have lunch at the waterfall. We will take a boat to Tatai waterfall. We need 3 boats as we have 30 people and 1 boat can load 10 people only. We buy boat tickets at Tatai Leu Natural Ecotourism Community and the boat ride started from boat port under Tatai bridge along National Road No.48. It’s so beautiful natural and a peaceful boat tour along Tatai river between trees, mountains and cloudy blue sky. We had picnic lunch when we get close to the waterfall. I flew my drone capturing the waterfall and area around. it’s really beautiful nature. It’s green everywhere except the lane of water flowing. It’s called Tatai waterfall at Koh Kong province in Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

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