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At My Travel Bay, we help you save money on airline tickets by getting you cheap airfare and affordable flights to every destination in the world. Whether you have an idea of your holiday vacation destination or are just looking for some inspiration, My Travel Bay is definitely the perfect place to turn to. You can search for cheap airfares, hotel deals, and car rental deals, and every other thing needed to help plan the best trip.


How to Get an AWESOME Deal on DC Hotels

Get an AWESOME deal on a hotel room when you visit Washington, DC. A lot of people have serious sticker shock when shopping for accommodations, but with these tips and hacks you can save...

How to plan a journey on the National Rail Enquiries Website video

This handy tutorial video shows you how to plan a journey using the National Rail Website at You can usde the website find cheap train tickets and book train tickets. There are a...


◄★★★CLICK This angry ex-travel agent will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the airline industry to show how you can obtain tickets at ridiculously low costs! Get access to the guide here The following article...

how to find cheap flights from Rome to near cities

To find cheap flights, you have to know how to do this because it's not easy especially cheap flights from Rome( domestic flights and near cities in Europe) because Rome is one of the...

Cheap Flights to Seoul | Travel to Explore Seoul Attraction

Book tickets to Seoul and get the most reliable offers with DWT: The next blog post was originally published on Cheap Flights to Seoul | Travel to Explore Seoul Attraction and is republished from...

Awesome Tamilnadu Tourism | Cheap Travel Packages

The history of the Tamils presents an exciting pageant of a powerful civilization whose origin dates hack to ancient times. It is clear that the Tamils, who belong to the Dravidian race, were the...

How is RYAN AIR? Flying Dirt Cheap From Spain to Morocco

Flying on Ryan Air from Madrid, Spain to Marrakesh, Morocco for just $55! PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel" by Gabriel Morris is a travel guidebook that's packed with practical...

Last Minute Travel Club Quick Tutorial

A Quick Tutorial of Last Minute Travel Club The following info was first published to Last Minute Travel Club Quick Tutorial and is available on My Travel Bay. Find more on:

Qantas Discount Airfare Domestic air travel Australia

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How Malaysians can get RM 100, 150 or more on their next AirAsia Trip

I normally find deals, cheap flights and all the like to spend the least I can on airfares. That's how I have been able to travel to 20+ countries over the past few years!...

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