Delayed Travel & Saying Goodbye 🚎😢Full Time Travel Family Our travel plans kept getting delayed but it was for good reason. Watch until the end to see what happens. We had to start saying our goodbyes to family as Josh’s parents headed to North Carolina. We were going to be heading west.

Goodbyes or as we call the “See you soons” are tough. Today was focusing on family. Landyn getting in lots of cuddles with his Moppy and Poppy and us packing up.

We ended up staying two more night since things just weren’t coming together like we thought it would.

If you got this far though here is the scoop, Our travel “plans” (I’m thinking I should call them more like travel guesses lol) have changed about 20 times. But for good reason. Josh’s parents were traveling to North Carolina towing their fifth wheel when both the left rear dually tires flew off… They are safe the trailer is good but the truck as you can see is a mess. They got their tires balanced and our guess is someone missed lugnut day in tech school…

It is a miracle the tires didn’t hit anyone, they kept the truck under control and there was no damage to the fifth wheel. Anything can happen on the road and we are counting our blessings as we travel to help them move to North Carolina. There hitch which is a Anderson gooseneck hitch did an incredible job at keeping everything stable!

Our delay in travel plans was because God knew they would need us. Driving towards Mobile, AL currently. Josh is going to drop Landyn and I off at an RV park in Fairhope. So we will be by Kyle and Olivia from Drivin’ And Vibin’ then he will tow his parents rig up to North Carolina tomorrow morning.

It is one giant adventure this travel life. Thankful Josh is on paternity, we have a tow vehicle, we have a place to stay near friends and most of all that angels guided and kept Josh’s parents safe. Being praying for more safe travels and for Josh’s parents

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