Our app, Flights by StudentUniverse, gives students around the globe the opportunity to explore and see the world with cheap flights- directly on their smart phone!

The easiest way to find and book discounted flights for students and youth. Search exclusive discounts on the flights app. Book the best deal with a flex date search and access your itinerary on the go!

Now available at the App Store and coming soon to Google Play.

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—————————–FULL TRANSCRIPTION BELOW—————————-

“Every year millions of young travelers explore the world.”
“Booking those trips should be simple and affordable.”
“That’s why we created the only app with cheap student flights.”
“You just input your itinerary, enter your dates and press search to find the best deals for students and youth.”
“When you’re ready to book, it’s just a matter of three touches and you’re ready to fly away.”

The next information was first seen on Flights by StudentUniverse and is republished from My Travel Bay. Read more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItFQqVuPrOg


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