Travel to Pakistan Hunza Valley Scenic Drive in Passu Cones during our travel to pakistan.

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This is our first Pakistan travel vlog video from a scenic drive in Hunza valley in Passu cones area. This is definitely the most beautiful road in Pakistan and definitely the longest. Karakoram Highway is around 1300 Km longs. It is just one of the most majestic patch in between Hunza valley and Khunjerab pass.

We absolutely loved our experience in this drive. Passu is a small town in Hunza Valley. Famous for these beautiful Passu cones and also the Apricot cake. It is a must stop for every tourist that passes around.

If you ever visit Pakistan you definitely have to visit Hunza, you will not only love the scenery, the mountains, the beauty but you will also fall in love with the Hunza people.

In our vlogs we are trying to clear the misconception about Pakistan and how safe it is for foreigners to travel to Pakistan. Hopefully our Pakistan Vlog and specially the Hunza Valley part will help clear the confusion that lies in the world about this country not being safe for the tourists. Pakistan is beautiful and Hunza is the heart of that beauty.

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