Havelock is the one of the best Coral reef location of Andaman. More than 60 snorkeling / dive sits are in and Havelock Island. Some islands are famous for snorkeling South batten Island, North batten Island, English island and John Lawrence are some of them. No surprises then that the reef off Beach number 3 at Havelock, one of the popular diving sites here, has been named Nemo Reef by the diving community. Diver’s Delight Nemo Reef is a shallow coral reef which is used for discovery dives, or dives for first-timers.

The next article was originally seen on NEMO REEF! – Best Snorkeling Experience at Andaman’s Havelock Island | Elephant Beach Snorkeling and is republished from My Travel Bay. Read more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOnxyJG-pXc


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