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Dave and Deb of The Planet D discuss their new favourite travel hack. An International Sim Card that actually does the trick! This is the only SIM Card you’ll ever need for your travels. Check out Knowroaming for all the details.
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Video Transcript:
Hello travel lovers!
We are here to talk to you today about something that we’ve always had a difficult time with in our travels.
And that is finding the right global SIM Card .
You know when you get off that plane and you want to jump on your phone right away
And you gotta go through the hassle of trying to get a SIM Card somewhere in the airport?
Well, we found a solution to that and that is KnowRoaming.
That’s this baby right here.
What makes it so unique is that it is a sticker that goes over your existing SIM Card.
So there’s no need to take SIMCards out, you know you have a pile of them.
You don’t know what SIM Card goes with which country?
This way you know exactly what SIM Card will stay with you all the time.
We had the chance to test drive it in our last few travels.
And we found it worked like a charm.
A lot of things we find with international SIM Cards that we’ve used in the past,
Is that they are a little slow than the local system that you are usually on because it’s piggy backing.
Knowroaming we found to be very fast. Any lag whatsoever.
We were sending Instagrams
And Snapchats
And Tweets and emails.
And we were having no problem at all browsing the Internet.
Now you are probably thinking sending snapchats and Instagrams
What is this going to cost me?
Well the beauty of Knowroaming is that you can load your account with a certain amount of money
And what feature we really loved was the unlimited data feature
For eight dollars a day you can get unlimited data across the whole network.
It’s actually only $7.99
Okay, $7.99
Get it right, that’s saving a penny, if that’s 10 days, that’s ten cents savings man.
There you go, that could be a lot of money.
You know when you load money onto a SIM Card when you are over in another country and then you never use it all
And that money is gone?
Well you don’t have to worry about that with the Knowroaming SIM Card.
Because, all your credits roll over no matter where you are.
So you don’t have to worry about putting too much money or too little money on the card.
It all rolls over.
Knowroaming is covered in 200 countries around the world and yes,
Data changes at each and every one of them.
And you can look it up before you even activate it.
The great things is, it doesn’t automatically activate and you start getting fees the minute you land.
You can look it up,
It’s up to you on when you want to connect
And it’s up to you when you can disconnect.
You can disconnect at anytime, Cancel at anytime.
And the Knowroaming SIM Card is all controlled through an app for your smart phone
Which is available on iPhones, androids, iPads, anything you have.
And all your balance updates
You know when you’re abroad.
You know when you’re at home.
All the information you need is conveniently packaged in this great app.
And for tech idiots like me it’s easy to follow.
It walks you through the set up
And every time you land it walks you through that set up again to.
So we are fans of Knowroaming
And we just wanted to let all of you know about it.
because this is a solution we’ve been looking for for years.
Let me tell you, we’ve been traveling for the past 10 years non -stop
And I can’t tell you how many SIM Cards we’ve had around the world.
How many different international plans we’ve tried.
We don’t even know where they’re from.
We don’t, we’ve tossed them all away.
And we’re down to just our one on either phone.
With our new Knowroaming
Thanks guys.
And if you want more travel tips like this
Make sure to subscribe to our channel.

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