There are some bike rental shops in Taiwan, but most are owned by crooks and mafias. This is the only one legit bike rental shop in Taiwan. Voucher by my own rental experiences. All I can say is WOW.

They also rent to foreigners, all you need is a driver license and a credit card. They will charge you $2500 for security deposit on credit card and cancel the transaction when the bike is safely returned. The bike rental is around $60 for 12 hours and $80 for the whole day. Be sure to join the membership, it’s cheaper and some models has insurance against it. WOW.

The one that I rented is a Suzuki SV650, 70 HP, 645 c.c. It’s the easiest one to ride for the beginners. The shop is in New Taipei city facing the IKEA, 30 km from Taoyuan international airport.

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