When you think of ramen in Japan, you most often think of Tonkotsu, or Shio, or Shoyu, or even miso, but how often does Chuka Soba come to mind? We’re going to show you the OG of Ramen in Japan, and take you to Katsumoto Ramen, where they make an incredibly delicious bowl of Chuka Soba.

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Note: this video was paid for, but our opinions about the ramen are real. We really liked the ramen, and so we agreed to publish a video about this place. We’ll never publish a video that promoting something we don’t believe in.

The next information was originally published to The Original Ramen in Japan – Chuka Soba and is republished from My Travel Bay. Read more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f-94EP6Nk8


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