Here is a travel advisory for all passengers of Malaysia Airports during this busy season:

1) Please arrive at least four hours before your flight departure time.
2) Do utilise public transport as much as possible in getting to the airport. It only takes less than 30 minutes by ERL.
3) Please be mindful of traffic rules within the airport area. We have ample parking spaces at both terminals as well as a safe and convenient waiting area and 30-minute free parking facilities at the LTCP.
4) Do utilise the automated processes that are available whenever possible such as web check-in, self-check-in kiosks, self-baggage-drop counters, and immigration autogates.
5) If you are passing through KLIA Main Terminal, we encourage you to take advantage of the shuttle service instead of the Aerotrains as not only will it be a less crowded alternative, it is also fast, convenient and scenic. There will be 16 buses running continuously 24/7 between the contact pier and satellite building.
6) Keep a lookout for the signage on nearest available washrooms in the event that the one you visited is fully occupied or is undergoing cleaning. There are a total of 238 toilets and 55 surau at both terminals the convenience of passengers.
7) Should you require any assistance at the airport, please approach our CARE Ambassadors who can be easily recognised by their shoulder sash that says ‘Ask Me’.

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