A sunrise trek that Karen and I did recently as part of our yearly dedication to my organ donor and family.
ULURU KATA-TJUTA Dedication Flight 2018.

Try as I might, I will not be able to add enough superlatives to describe all we have seen and done over the past 3 days.
This is a trip that ALL Australians should do before they think of traveling overseas.

From the moment the airplane touches down at the Ayers Rock terminal you will begin to feel the pure realness of the country.

When combined with the friendly, hospitable and informative folks, both indigenous as well as non-indigenous, that you will no doubt meet while staying in the region, you will feel assured that this will be a very special stay.

The main area of Yalara is known as Voyages Ayers Rock Resort.
Here you will find Cafe’s, Restraunts, Souvener shops, Post Office and even an IGA!

Accommodation venues include something to suit most budgets and requirements:
– The Ayers Rock Campground
– Outback Pioneer Hotel& Lodge
– Desert Gardens Hotel
– Emu Walk apartments
– Sails In The Desert

There is also the Resort Town Square where you can find the Tourist Information Centre from which you can make any booking required during your stay.
This is also one of the main Pick Up and Drop Off locations located around the resort.

The Ayers Rock Campground our base location rates well with any you will stay at on the tracks with:
– Clean cabins and facitilities.
– General staff who are keen to be of assistance and a ‘G’Day’!
– The reception office and it’s staff proved to be very helpful and a convenient port of call for all your inquiries and basic goods shop.

There are plenty of spaces for campers with a range of grassed areas as well as caravan type sites, with a good number of facilities such as BBQs, showers blocks and even a pool to cool off in.

All venues attached to the Resort Town Centre and various accommodation venues are within easy walking distance (approx. 15 mins).

Uluru-Kata Tjuta is the traditional home of the Anangu people.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and the Anangu people jointly manage the park.


The Anangu people were so hospitable and keen to teach those willing to learn about traditional methods of survival in the centre of this great big land we call Australia.


Knowledge about Bush Tucker such as:

– arnguli (bush plum),
– ili (native fig) and
– wayanu (quandong)



They showed us local Dreamtime stories as well as the methods used to create and use traditional local weapons and tools used by the hunter gatherers of the past.

They share knowledge past down from forefathers to those of the younger generation who are keen to keep the history and traditions of the ancestors alive in future generations.

We must not forget about the other non-indigenous folks who make the stay enjoyable such as “Snakebite” Michael, a true yarn teller and not bad on the Didgeridoo either.

As well as our Cameleer from the Uluru Camel Farm Sunrise trek, small world we live in as she is also a local so to speak coming from near enough to here. (Small world for sure).

The following blog post was first seen on Uluru Sunrise Camel Trek, Yalara NT. and is available on My Travel Bay. Find more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGYas6KgXl8


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