Young Leaders Summit summary video from the Phocuswright conference. The Young Leaders Summit video is introduced by Walter Buschta from Phocuswright with interviews from participants.

Video transcript:
– We’ve created the Young Leader Summit to recognize the brilliant young minds that are shaping the future of the travel industry. We want them to meet other rising stars in the industry and create a community that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration. – It was an unbelievable experience, my first year of Phocuswright been hearing some amazing things and it really lived up to the hype. The Young Leaders was curated amazing. I really loved the people that I met and all the different people that came and spoke with us and it was an amazing experience. – Awesome, yeah, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I had a couple colleagues do it in previous years and they’ve made connections that have helped the company, that have helped them personally. Just met really bright people that are very ambitious and very hungry, and they want to change the industry. They’re excited, so it just feels good to be a part of this group. – It’s been fantastic, first to connect with other young leaders like me in various, different companies in the travel industry, and also to meet some really experienced and senior people across the program. I think it’s been really fantastic for me so far, and I’m really happy about it. – Very inspiring, lots of great connections all over the world. A really good national presence here, so that’s been exciting for me. – It’s been brilliant actually because it’s given us an opportunity to interact with 35 really diverse people from different parts of the travel industry, make some great connections, make some great friendships, had a lot of beer and dinner with them, but I think eventually, it’s also gonna translate into professional, actually opportunities later on. I think there is great value in sort of this entire Young Leader program and we also plan on to have our own Whatsapp group where we can communicate going forward, so yeah, I think, thanks to Phocuswright for putting all of this together. – I think one important part of it was actually to start the day before. We really had the time to connect together. We had some great ice breaking exercises, some talks and it was important to meet some people, which was already useful for me during the conference because you can meet them, they share their networks with you, so it’s actually very, putting yourself in a very confident position during the event. – The sessions are really short network oriented as well, so for example, the Monday sessions, a lot of interaction. We have some great speakers on Monday. Most of the time, the people like to Tuesday sessions best, which is a lunch, which is table discussion, so we had six different speakers. They just introduced themself briefly to the whole group, but then they sit down and have table discussions. I was in a lucky position to be on one of those tables and it was really great of seeing them interact and seeing maybe I could talk to the guys that are already established in industry and I really enjoyed that. – Probably the lunch was my favorite, just an intimate lunch, different people sitting at the table; executives from Google, VCs, Lola. It was really a great experience. – I was an original member, I guess, the first Young Leaders in 2010, and then I’ve been helping out by facilitating the program ever since. – Joel Cutler, I think, gave some great advice about just we might not be in this job in five years, and it’s really important to just do what you love and to just keep asking questions and keep going after what you think is interesting. I think our generation is not unsettled, but you know, just wants more, and won’t be comfortable, at least this group of people won’t be comfortable staying in the same position, so it’s all about reaching out to each other, getting to know each other, seeing what’s out there, and just staying on top of the trends. – Philip Wolf, this morning, really talked to us, kind of inspirational about his journey with Phocuswright. That was particularly interesting for me, just understanding that you’re gonna have some ups and downs. It’s gonna be a long road, but really kinda stay the course and look for the next big thing. – I think that’s one of the coolest things because by coming, you can maybe meet the CEO of Trip Advisor or Priceline Group, and you know, when we ask those CEOs would you please spend some time with the Young Leaders, it’s almost always yes. – Yeah, of course it’s part of what makes it really interesting…..

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