Have you ever experienced a delay or cancellation? Find out more about your EU passenger rights when travelling within Europe. You may be entitled to anything from refreshments to compensation. Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility enjoy additional rights too.

Ready for your holiday or business trip? But what if your journey is delayed or cancelled? Are you on your own? Thankfully not. Under EU rules, you have rights that can reduce the hassle. First things first, you’re entitled to the information. The company you are travelling with must tell you about the cause of a delay. And for long delays, you are entitled to meals, refreshments, advice on travel arrangements and accommodation. In fact, you may also have the right to compensation: up to €600 for delays of at least four hours on flights further than 3,500 kilometres. Or you can claim a ticket refund in some cases. For travel by rail, coach, bus or passenger ship you may also have the right to compensation due to delays or cancellations. On any journey, if you have reduced mobility, you have the right to additional assistance free of charge. Passenger rights. Keep your journey on track with the European Parliament.

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